Top marks for Panel Plan

It was a case of ‘back to school’ for Panel Plan when our distributor Four Square approached us to create a new range of furniture and storage units at the Kingswood Early Years Centre in Watford.

‘Nothing matched!’ was their first impression so they asked us to provide a solution from one source.

‘There was a mixture of desks, odd storage units, wheeled trolleys with work spilling out of them, lurid coloured lockers and some very ill-fitting pigeon holes’.

As you can see from the before and after images Panel Plan certainly went to the top of the class with a range of beautifully crafted, expertly fitted Tallwall units, including brand new pigeon holes and built in combi-lockers. Matching ‘wave’ desks and a ‘sit at’ bench with a separate wall hung storage cupboard perfectly complimented each other as the school gained its professional makeover.

An 'A Star' for Panel Plan!