Hot desking, red-hot design…

BMW’s new corporate offices in Farnborough, Hampshire are a perfect example of how ‘hot desking’ works.

In total, some 1200 employees will use the ‘flexible’ desk space in the three recently refurbished offices. Panel Plan were commissioned by office specialist, The Furniture Practice, to design, build and install lockers that can be used by the BMW workforce to store their items whilst they work on site.

Fit out of the lockers commenced in late 2014 with the completion of phase one. Phase two was completed earlier this year, with phase three being finished at the time of going to press.

As illustrated by the photographs, the lockers have an unusual ‘letterbox’ style feature and also include a ‘random’ block where a locker is deliberately left out - BMW plans to place awards in these spaces. The lockers are a fine example of how Panel Plan design to meet their clients needs perfectly.